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Professional, Attentive & Responsible

Dedicated to realizing your success and talent,
TLC serves as an undisputed choice you can trust to help you realize the ideals of an elite life.

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Our Advantages

Professional Consultation

Our consultants will listen carefully to your thoughts, comprehensively analyze your needs and advantages, and provide you with the most sincere advice. The most trusted partner of your dreams!

Perfect Documentation

Our consultants are well aware of the scoring standards of your dream school. For each student, we will carefully tailor professional application documents, package your experiences and study plans, and get you to your ideal destination.​

Multinational School Application

Different from traditional agencies, we are committed to providing an extraordinary standard of care and service, applying to prestigious schools in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, Singapore, etc. As a part of this commitment, you can entrust us in cultivating a culture of genuine and rewarding opportunities.​

Dedicated to realizing the success and talent of our students,

TLC serves as an undisputed choice you can trust.




Study in U.S.A

TLC has successfully opened the door to top foreign universities for thousands of students!

Study in Germany

German education has always been known for its rigorous reputation. Our consultant group will analyze our students from a professional and objective perspective after carefully understanding their needs.​

Study in France

In addition to emphasizing a high-quality all-English educational environment, studying in France also provides a complete internship program.