American higher education institutions, such as the Ivy League, are world-renowned for their complete facilities, abundant resources and high-quality professors. They attach great importance to the cultivation of personal interests. The diversified educational environment provides various types of educational institutions, such as technical vocational schools, community colleges, general universities, and Pathways.

TLC assists students who intend to study in the United States to apply for top universities in the United States, and has repeatedly achieved good results.

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Prestigious Universities

TLC has successfully opened the door to top U.S universities for thousands of students!

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Community College

​Lower tuition, guiding you in transferring to major universities through community colleges.

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Conditional Admission

No TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, or GMAT, allowing you to gain admission in advance!

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Don’t be caught off guard by the sharp turns in your academic career plans, we’ll help you find your way!